Patina: 308 Bullet Pen

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Patina: 308 Bullet Pen
Patina: 308 Bullet Pen

****Disclaimer**** All Patina Pens are unique and will not look the same, or be one of the pens featured in the product pictures, after the batch in the pictures are sold.

The Patina 308 Bullet Pen is made from the casings of fired 308 rounds.  The casings are first prepped (cleaned and then sandblasted with Aluminum Oxide) and then off gassed (baked) for 30 minutes to insure no contaminants are left behind.

Next the casings go through the forced Patina process.  Patina is an oxidation of the brass which occurs over a long period of time. Being that I don’t have the “time” to wait for the Patina to occur naturally, I force the process.

When a good amount of blue appears the casing get washed and dried.

The casings then get multiple layers of a gloss clear coating.

If the casings look as intended they are assembled into pens.  

Our 308 Pens come with Black Ink. The ink cartridges are replaceable, which can be done by firmly gripping the top and bottom casing and pull away from the center completely pulling the pen apart, unscrew the ink cartridge, and replace it with a new one. The 308 pens take a Cross Pen style ink cartridge.